Prayers for Christopher Gunn

His name is Christopher Gunn. He was 28 years old on February 2nd. He was a healthy, strong, and well built young man. On April 29, 2008 Christopher, a New York city ironworker, fell from a construction site. The events that followed leads me to believe that this was all meant to be. It was the first day Chris worked on this job. He begged his boss to let him replace another worker who was out sick. He was working on a hospital building the #1 trauma center in the United States. He fell from a beam in a freak accident and the first person from the job to run to his aid was an EMT for 20 years.He knew he was in trouble and didnt let anyone move him. He was not even 100 feet from the entrance to the ER. He got help within minutes.He was rushed into surgery and operated on by one of the best brain surgeons in the USA.He basically has no brain function and a severed spine that if he would ever awaken from his coma he would be paralyzed. He has survived pneumonia, infections,hospital superbugs and now a 12 hour spinal fusion surgery. He remains on life support and is loving cared for by wonderful hospital staff and a father who has barely left his side for a shower. His mother and kid brother struggle with the reality of the situation and need your prayers as well. Christopher's journey on this earth is obviously not finished yet...for those of us still living there must still be lessons to learn. Your prayers are appreciated. Thank you. Chris' Aunt Susan

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